Information COVID-19

  1. Our establishments had to close on March 22 as a result of the guidelines sent by the Spanish Government due to the coronavirus crisis. However, the closure did not mean inactivity and we kept in touch with all of our clients.

Fortunately we have already been able to open some establishments:

Hotels currently OPEN: Hotel Jerez & SPA (Jerez) / Hotel Playa de la Luz (Rota) 

Hotels currently CLOSED: Hotel Villa Jerez (Jerez) / (opening 25th March 2021) / Hotel Duque de Nájera (Rota) (opening 26th March 2021) / Hotel Guadacorte Park (Los Barrios – Bahía de Algeciras) (opening 25th March 2021)

We have prepared ourselves to welcome you to our hotels, preparing a contingency plan that details the concrete measures taken to reduce the risk of contagion from Covid’19. It has been developed jointly with Previlabor, a company with which we have been collaborating for several years.

Our contingency plan contemplates the following key points:

Hygiene: Cleaning and disinfection protocols have been reviewed.

Safety distance: In the common spaces, the furniture and capacity have been adapted to guarantee the safety distance. Informational signs have been placed in various areas of the hotel.

As an example, we list below several points included in the plan:

1. Our Personnel have received training in preventive measures from Covid-19, thus guaranteeing their own safety and that of their clients.

2. Our Staff has the necessary protective equipment at all times.

3. We have adapted the capacity to the current regulations, including the elevators.

4. In all the common spaces, there is signage indicating our guests guidelines to follow for the well-being of all.

5. We have reduced the capacity of our pools, so also the number of sun loungers. Please, use them responsibly so that all customers can enjoy them.

6. We carry out analyzes of the environment and common use surfaces by a certified external company.

7. In the bussiest areas, we have indicated flows and preventive advice.

8. We provide points with disinfectant gel in different locations.

9. Free room service at Hotel Jerez & Spa and Hotel Guadacorte Park.

10. The arranged breakfast and dinner services have been organized to avoid crowds and the manipulation of food by the client. There could be shifts if the occupation required it.

11. Payment by card or other contactless means is encouraged.

12. We will have a Check in line service – Not available yet

13. The menus of our restaurants are accessible through QR codes

14. Our lifeguards will ensure that the safety distance is respected and will be responsible for disinfecting the deckchairs.

They also have the contingency plan at their disposal, they can request it directly from each hotel.

We also incorporate into our protocols the indications and guidelines of the Andalusian government before the new normality in force since last Sunday. (Junta de Andalucía Nueva Normalidad)

Our objective is to guarantee the health of clients, staff and suppliers, while continuing to care for our environment.

Please refrain from coming to our facilities if you think you have symptoms of any kind or if you have been in contact with a person who is currently ill (or with symptoms of it in the 14 days prior to your stay)

Thank you for maintaining your trust in us.

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