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Discover our bike-friendly hotels in Cádiz

The hotel Jerez & Spa has a Bikefriendly certification, and the hotel Playa de la Luz has Bikefriendly and Cyclingfriendly certifications. There you will find everything you need for your stay and that of your bike.

What’s more, due to their unparalleled locations, you will get to enjoy a unique experience combining some R&R in our facilities with exploring the breath-taking landscapes of our province.

La provincia de Cádiz, un tesoro por descubrir

The province of Cádiz, a treasure to be discovered

Cádiz is the perfect province to explore by bike. It is a highly diverse province, with regions that rightly deserve to be checked out, from the countryside of Jerez de la Frontera to the towns of Campo de Gibraltar, or go on a route through the white villages and rest somewhere on the coast between Tarifa and Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

Lookouts, mountain passes, gorges and canyons crisscross inland Cádiz, which boasts a smattering of rural architecture and good food, with windmills and Roman roads galore. One can come to Cádiz in order to go on a cycling route and end up strolling along the beach, visiting sherry wineries, walking along the White Villages trail or hopping onto a boat to spot whales and dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar.

You can do these things at your own pace or with the help of several companies that make it easier for you to explore the coast and the interior with kitesurfing, scuba diving and boat trips. There are also special sessions in which to enjoy bird watching and botany, mountain climbing, canyoning, mountaineering, caving, hang-gliding and paragliding. With family or friends, along the most challenging routes or the mildest trails, to explore the province of Cádiz by bike is one of the most refreshing ways of getting to know the area.

Charming trails

Charming trails

The province of Cádiz provides one of the greatest pleasures we can experience while riding a bike: cycling through its Natural Parks, such as the Grazelma Mountain Range, declared a Biosphere Reserve; the Alcornocales Natural Park, known as “the last unspoilt jungle” of the Iberian Peninsula, and the greenest itinerary of the province in the Breña y Marismas de Barbate Natural Park, the Entorno de Doñana, the Estrecho Natural Park and the Bay of Cádiz. 2 long-distance cycling routes that traverse our province are the Camino de Santiago and the Transandalus.

Transandalus, the perfect circuit

Transandalus, the perfect circuit

Special mention must be made of Transandalus, a route created and designed in its entirety by mountain biking enthusiasts who worked on the projects as volunteers. Divided into proportional segments, it covers more than 2,000 kilometres of Andalusian geography in a large circle, which means one can start at any given point. Specifically, in Cádiz the routes begins with the easy slopes of the Bay, Chiclana, Conil and Barbate.

It then reaches Tarifa, the mountain ranges, the Strait and Alcornocales, at which point cyclists will appreciate a change in both the landscapes and the difficulty of the route, which will reach its apex along the unforgettable trails of the Grazalema Mountain Range.

For more information about the province’s routes:

Green routes

Green routes

Ancient railway tracks that have been repurposed as non-motorised trails on which practising cycling tourism becomes a simple, pleasant activity that brings the area’s rail network back to life while encouraging local sustainability. The most noteworthy green routes of our province are indicated below:

De la Sierra: 36km, low difficulty, covering the municipalities of Olvera, Coripe, Puerto Serrano, Montellano and El Coronil.

Entre Ríos: 16.2km, low difficulty, covering the municipalities of Rota, Chipiona and Sanlúcar.

Puerto Real-San Fernando: 8km, low difficulty, covering the municipalities of Puerto Real and San Fernando -Matagorda. 3.6km, low difficulty, in the municipality of Puerto Real.

Natural parks

Natural parks

The natural parks include several routes of varying length and difficulty that are perfect for cycling.

Doñana – Sanlúcar de Barrameda – Bahía de Cádiz

With an extension of 10,500h covering the municipalities of San Fernando, Chiclana de la Frontera, Puerto Real, Puerto de Santa María and Cádiz. Highlight the Los Toruños route. 5.2km, low difficulty, in the municipality of El Puerto de Santa María.

La Breña y Las Marismas del Barbate

5,100h between the municipalities of Barbate and Vejer. Highight the Marismas del Barbate route. 8.5km, low difficulty, in the municipalities of Vejer and Barbate.


19,000h. A highlight is the Cerro del Tambor route. 6.1 km, low difficulty, between the municipalities of Tarifa and Algeciras

Los Alcornocales

168,000h. Municipalities: Alcalá de Los Gazules, Algar, Algeciras, Arcos de la Frontera, Los Barrios, Benalup-Casas Viejas, Benaocaz, El Bosque, Castellar de la Frontera, Jerez de la Frontera, Jimena de la Frontera, Medina Sidonia, Prado del Rey, San José del Valle, Tarifa, Ubrique and Cortes de la Frontera. Here we’d like to highlight the Travesía del Aljibe route. 10.5km, medium-high difficulty, crossing the municipalities of Alcalá de los Gazules and Cortes de la Frontera.


53,000h. Municipalities: Algodonales, Benaocaz, El Bosque, El Gastor, Grazalema, Prado del Rey, Ubrique, Villaluenga del Rosario, Zahara de la Sierra, Benaoján, Cortes de la Frontera, Jimera de Líbar, Montejaque and Ronda. The Llanos del Rabel trail is especially noteworthy: 6.1km long, low difficulty, and in the municipality of Grazalema.

Mountain Biking Centre

Mountain Biking Centre

The Alcornocales Mountain Biking Centre is in the municipality of Los Barrios, in the southern part of the province of Cádiz and in the region of Campo de Gibraltar. It comprises a network of 8 routes of varying difficulty that add up to a total of 436.67km. This centre provides users with all the information for using and completing the trails in a sustainable manner, as they do not use physical indicators such as posts, arrows or signs that indicate the route.

The Alcornocales Mountain Biking Centre has two starting points that are also reception points. One of them is in the hotel Montera Plaza and the other is in La Venta El Frenazo. From these two points you can go on any of the 8 trails included in the centre, 4 from each one. For more information about the centre and the routes:

Routes specially designed by Cycling Friendly.

Routes specially designed by Cycling Friendly.

Playa de la Luz – Chipiona – Sanlúcar

Ruta Cycling Friendly que parte desde el hotel Playa de la Luz, para llevarnos hasta el faro de Chipiona.

Una etapa ciclista muy tranquila y con poco desnivel perfecta para disfrutar de las cercanías de Rota pasando primero por Chipiona y luego por Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

Descargar Playa de la Luz – Chipiona – Sanlúcar.gpx

Playa de la Luz – Sierra de San Cristóbal

Cycling Friendly Route that starts at the hotel Playa de la Luz and takes you all the way to the Chipiona lighthouse.

An easy-going cycling route with few slopes that is perfect for enjoying the surroundings of Rota, first going through Chipiona and then through Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

Download Playa de la Luz – Chipiona – Sanlúcar.gpx

Playa de la Luz – Vía Verde de Rota – Doñana

It will take us all the way along the green route Entre Ríos, from Rota, Chipiona, to Sanlúcar, where we will head into the Doñana National Park before starting on the final leg of the journey by retracing our steps. The excellent location of the hotel Playa de la Luz means we can easily enjoy this cycling route for mountain bikes or gravel bikes.

Download Playa de la Luz – Vía Verde de Rota – Doñana.gpx

Playa de la Luz – Medina Sidonia

A rather flat though very long cycling route.

The slopes become more pronounced on the way up to Medina Sidonia, the main destination of this cycling route. We will turn back at Paterna and Torrecera until reaching our cycling-friendly hotel Playa de la Luz.

Download Playa de la Luz – Medina Sidonia.gpx

Playa de la Luz – Jerez de la Frontera

On this Cycling Friendly route, we will travel along the outskirts of the San Cristóbal Mountain Range, Lomopardo, Estella del Marqués, skirting Jerez de la Frontera and through El Portal. Very flat route.

Download Playa de la Luz – Jerez de la Frontera.gpx