Restaurant La Gaviota

The perfect fusion between tradition and modernity presented in the form of truly amazing tapas or tapas that can be tasted overlooking the sea.

At the foot of the beach is our restaurant where, in addition to spectacular sunsets, you can enjoy an incredible cuisine.

We believe in a healthy and traditional gastronomy where salads and rice dishes are the protagonists, but also, as it can not be otherwise in such a marine environment, fish shine with their own light.

We are advocates of sustainability and so we transfer it to our producers, looking for local products that are as respectful as possible with the environment. That is why the estuaries of the Guadalquivir and the fish of the bay are the real protagonists.

The classic “pescaito” of the bay becomes art in our kitchen and its enjoyment is multiplied when we accompany it with the incredible classic wines from the Jerez area and the booming new white and red wines from Cadiz from our cellar.

And to finish, leave yourself a space to taste the incredible desserts made by our pastry chef.


Every day from 12:00 to 19:00


Phone +34 956 069 412


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