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Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera

Throughout history, Jerez has been an enclave heavily influenced by the different civilisations that have settled in its territory. It therefore presents a diverse assortment of architectural styles and unique buildings, which make Jerez a lovely city with a truly particular urban physiognomy.

Few destinations in Spain enjoy the level of international recognition that Jerez does. Thanks to its local wine, sherry, which is known as ‘jerez’ in Spanish, the name of our city has been conquering borders for a long time and is now universally renowned.

But Jerez can’t be reduced to its wines and architectural landscape of unique buildings. The city has much more to offer everybody: it’s the land of the Carthusian horse and the fighting bull, the birthplace of flamenco, a motor city, a host of major events, and a monumental centre declared to be of artistic and historical interest.

Today Jerez is a large city where tradition lives in perfect harmony with the cutting edge of modernity. Its vast shopping centres and avenues come together in a lively, bustling historic centre, where shopping and tapas go hand in hand. All these distinctive characteristics, along with its extraordinary geographical location and climate conditions, unique and diverse tourist attractions, and modern infrastructure all make Jerez the perfect destination to visit.