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As time goes! The Hotel Duque de Nájera turns 25 in 2023, and it seems to us that it was yesterday when it opened its doors in the place occupied by the old defensive bastion of Rota and next to the current Astaroth Marina of the town. Since its inauguration in 1998, hundreds of clients have stayed in its facilities, and many other people have been able to enjoy Cádiz gastronomy in its El Embarcadero restaurant, which, let’s not forget, is also celebrating its anniversary.

The Hotel Duque de Nájera occupies the old Rota bastion, on the beachfront, which served the locals to spot the arrival of possible invaders by sea. Ancient civilizations such as the Phoenician, the Tartessian, the Roman and the Arab passed through it, until the Christian reconquest. Today, the place offers a unique viewpoint over the Bay of Cádiz and the Atlantic Ocean, and enjoys the privilege of being at the foot of La Costilla beach.

To celebrate these 25 years, the Andalusian Charming Hotels (HACE) group has prepared an extensive program of activities with which it wants to involve the entire society of Rota and Cadiz in general.

Commemorative activities

On the one hand, the Hotel Duque de Nájera is preparing an exhibition in which it will be possible to see the evolution of the space it occupies, from its historical past as a defensive bastion to what it is today, a privileged area facing the sea in the historic center of Rota . The Hotel encourages all people who have old photos of the area to participate in the exhibition.

On the other hand, a photography contest will be organized, in which those people who contribute photos of their stay at the hotel, at any time during these 25 years, will be able to participate, exactly on June 24.

Commemorative logos for the hotel and restaurant have also been designed, as well as merchandising for the memory. A celebratory dinner is also being prepared in the hotel pool patio on July 6.

At Hoteles HACE we are happy to share this anniversary not only with the people of Rota who have witnessed the evolution of the hotel and its restaurant, but also with the hundreds of clients who have made the hotel what it is today, a haven of peace facing the ocean. , and a meeting place for many people who faithfully visit it year after year.

Without forgetting, of course, the staff that in these 25 years has given, and continues to give, the best of themselves to achieve the excellence that our clients deserve every day. In short, the HACE group could not be happier to have formed a great family together with the clients and the workers, around the Hotel Duque de Nájera. Many thanks to everyone who has made it possible! This 25th anniversary becomes an incentive to continue improving and proudly carrying the name of Rota throughout the world.

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