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Plans in the province of Cádiz in December

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That month of the year arrives in which the Christmas spirit invades everything. The province of Cádiz also throws itself into celebrating Christmas and the turn of the year, with a multitude of activities so that you can make the most of the Constitution and Immaculate Bridge, or the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Zambombas through Jerez

The zambombas are a typical Jerez festival. From mid-November until Christmas Eve, the city vibrates and sings to Christmas with traditional and flamenco Christmas carols, one of the hallmarks of this Jerez festival. Born in the old neighborhood patios, where families used to gather to celebrate the Christmas holidays, today the zambombas have been declared a Site of Cultural Interest, and are celebrated both publicly in the streets and squares of the city, as well as in private premises.

Singing, dancing, savoring a good Sherry wine, eating pestiños and other sweets typical of this time of year and, above all, enjoying the joy of friendship around a campfire. That is the essence of the Jerez zambombas that are also celebrated in other parts of the province. If you want to live an authentic zambomba and you are in Rota, no problem: we invite you to the one that we will celebrate at the La Gaviota restaurant on December 2nd.

Christmas gastronomy

In no Jerez zambomba or Christmas in Cadiz in general can the typical dishes and sweets be missing: pestiños and donuts are the most traditional sweets, and can be easily found in any pastry shop. In the gastronomy of Cádiz, the spoon dishes stand out, with special prominence for the cabbage with its pringá, a typical winter stew, or the menudo; without forgetting the hot garlic, the pork rinds or the aliñás potatoes.

If you are in Rota, you cannot miss out on tasting the mayeto, a typical sweet, which we also make for you at our Hotel Playa de la Luz and Hotel Duque de Nájera. And wherever you go in the province of Cádiz, stop at one of the chestnut stalls that come your way during the winter, and fall into temptation while you take a walk.

In our restaurants in Jerez and Rota you can taste all these delicacies and many more typical of winters in the province of Cádiz, and we also offer special menus for the most important dates.

A good wine

If in the final stretch of the year you are in Jerez and its surroundings, and you find red flags scattered throughout the countryside, do not be surprised. These flags indicate that the shops and restaurants already offer the must, the young wine from the last harvest, held between last August and September. A cheerful wine that you have to try.

And of course, do not forget to try some (or all) of the Sherry wines: fino, amontillado, oloroso, palo cortado, Pedro Ximénez… there is a sherry for each person and palate. In Rota, it is a must to try the tintilla, a native variety that has made a strong comeback.

Visit a Living Bethlehem

The province of Cádiz lives Christmas very intensely, and living nativity scenes are one of its most deeply rooted and beloved traditions, especially in the Sierra. Municipalities such as Ubrique or Medina Sidonia will be transformed on December 11 in the city of Bethlehem to stage one of the most well-known episodes of the Bible in the collective imagination. A magnificent atmosphere, an excellently decorated town and some exquisitely dressed neighbors for the occasion will transport you to the time and place where Jesus of Nazareth was born.

Nativity scene exhibitions

The province of Cádiz has a deep-rooted tradition in the craft of nativity scenes. There are many people who, throughout the year, build a Christmas scene with their own hands, create and paint the stage and the figures. In the month of December, the nativity scene associations exhibit these true works of art that give us scenes from the Bible in miniature, in the so-called dioramas. In Jerez, the exhibition arrives every December at the Cloisters of Santo Domingo.

The Christmas lights

This year they have been delayed in some towns in order to save energy, but when December arrives the streets dress up with Christmas lights. Giant Christmas balls, mappings on the facades of emblematic buildings, 20-meter-high Christmas trees, Christmas decorations that are far from traditional… Anything goes to attract onlookers and tourists to its streets and make this attraction the stage of social networks.

New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner

There is nothing better than starting the new year with joy, music and fun. At the Hotel Playa de la Luz in Rota, Hotel Villa Jerez and Hotel Jerez & Spa we offer you New Year’s Eve dinners with which you can welcome 2023 as it deserves.

First, dinner with a special menu; then the twelve grapes and the music until the body endures. A different getaway to get away from the traditional family dinners and in which to enjoy a night in a luxurious atmosphere.

A walk on the beach

The province of Cádiz has a privileged climate, mild winters that allow you to enjoy the beaches also in winter. A walk along the shore, a dip in the Atlantic, if you are one of the brave, or a gastronomic experience overlooking the sea in our restaurants El Embarcadero or La Gaviota in Rota, are great plans to rest and gather strength for the new year. If you are going to stay in Jerez, don’t worry: the nearest beach is only 15 minutes away.

Go to a great Parade of Kings

Once the new year arrives, we set our sights on the arrival of the Three Wise Men. What is Christmas without seeing Their Majesties reach every corner of the province of Cádiz? All the municipalities of Cadiz receive the Three Wise Men on the afternoon of January 5, with their parades to the delight of children… and the not so young.

Christmas with children in Cádiz

The province of Cadiz at Christmas is full of activities for the little ones in the house: storytelling, theatre, exhibitions, museums… there are many plans that answer your question: What to do with the children at Christmas?

Do you need a break after so much activity?

If after so much activity you need a break, we have the solution. Our hotels in Rota offer you wellness services, relaxation, anti-aging and anti-stress therapies, massages and well-being. At Hotel Jerez & Spa you can also count on the indoor pool for a good spa session that relaxes your body and mind.

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