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Our restaurants in rota

El Embarcadero & La Gaviota

Both of them have spectacular views.

El Embarcadero is right by the harbour, along the beach parade and next to the lighthouse.
And La Gaviota is by the beach and the “Corrales”, ancient fishing method that allowed the phoenicians to collect the fish with the low tide. Nowadays it´s worth visiting it due to the beauty of the environment.

Our menus offer a selection of local and national food, made with high quality raw materials. Additionally and mainly on weekends, we offer our clients a wide variety of fresh fish, grilled, baked or cooked in salt. One of our star dishes is “Urta a la Roteña”, a fish typical from Rota cooked in a traditional way with tomatoes, peppers, garlic, etc.

From the middle of September a new service is available in these restaurants: TAKE AWAY
So, from then on all the dishes of our menu will be available for you to take home. You can find the menus here:

Call EL EMBARCADERO: 956846330 or LA GAVIOTA: 956069412 to make your order.

Sleep & Drive

If you need to stay 7 or more days in Rota, we offer a special rate that includes a rental car with Europcar during your visit. Just visit our website to get more info about the conditions



Special meals and events​

Eventos & Bodas | HACE Hoteles

Our hotels Duque de Najera and Playa de la Luz offer different spaces to celebrate an event, a meeting or a special meal. Our premises comply with all the requirements established by the health and safety authorities.

Are you already planning your Christmas event?? Check the special menus we have prepared for you… 

           Menu 1 | Menu 2 | Menu 3

If you wish a taylor made menu, do not hesitate to contact us

All our meeting rooms are well ventilated, with natural light and spacious. And you can also organize the event in the open air.

Contact our event´s manager at 678000984.

Eventos & Bodas | HACE Hoteles

Both hotels comply with the requirements of the health and sanitary authorities.

To know more about the actions we have implemented, please visit our COVID-19 section

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