Environmental Management in Hotel Playa de la Luz

The Playa de la Luz Hotel has always proven to be outstanding when it comes to environmental management ever since it first opened. In the same way, the other hotels in the Group also developed very efficient EM plans and policies as they adhered to the family.

At the beginning, environmental management in the Playa de la Luz Hotel was all internal, but in the year 2002 it was granted the UNE ISO 14.001 and UNE ISO 9.001 certificates. The Spanish Tourist Quality Institute, created and implemented a method to incorporate environmental and social issues to the interests of business working in the tourism industry in order to reduce their impact. The Institute aimed to replace the disperse strategies with a plan that would better manage the resources of the community. Another objective was to check and evaluate the businesses resources and procedures so as to find a solution for any issues there should be.

Some years later, in 2008, the hotel decided on improving their managerial procedures even more, ultimately getting the Q certificate of quality, which is the most important certificate in the Spanish hotel industry. It was also granted the TUI UWELT certificate by TUI- one of the biggest tour operators in the world- in 2007. This certificate acknowledges high level environmental management in the hotels their customers stay in. Ever since the hotel was awarded these two certificates, we have been in the top 100 hotels in the world.

How Environmental Management works at the Playa de la Luz Hotel

  • A work team consisting of the heads of the different departments is in charge of implementing the EMS (Environmental Management System)
  • We carry out studies of the current practices at the Hotel. The study evaluates the uses of energy and water, waste management, the handling of chemicals, the supply policy, community relationships, and the potential environmental impact of the whole area
  • The staff also helps design new courses of action in order to minimize the impact of our activities
  • The department heads are also in charge of notifying their subordinates about the new objectives and the optimal ways to achieve them successfully
  • The staff is instructed in environmental topics and issues through briefings, memorandums, bulletin boards, brochures, etc
  • Guests are also informed about the ways in which they can help reduce the environmental impact and contribute to the various local conservation and development projects
  • There are periodic evaluations to check to what extent the new goals are being met satisfactorily
  • All the information gathered during the different assessments help us determine whether the new plan needs to be modified or not.


  • Child protection campaign. At the Front desk we have  brochures with information for our guests and staff, in order to help extinguish this serious problem, to make people aware of it,  and to provide information about how to act and where we must we go to report it

  • In addition we start campaigns for specific seasons such as the summer campaign where  Hotel Playa de la Luz and Duque de Nájera work together in order to avoid the contamination of the beaches. Through posters and brochures we ask our clients to keep the beach clean, not to throw  stubs or sunflower seed shells  on  the sand, etc …

If you would like to know what we have done over the last year, please sent to us an email to calidad@hace.es and it will be a pleasure to send you a copy of our report. Thank you.

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