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Photo: Jerez City Hall

In 2023 the centenary of the birth in Jerez of Lola Flores is celebrated. Coinciding with this event, a Lola Flores Interpretation Center has been inaugurated that brings together more than 200 objects that review the life and work of the most universal artist from Jerez. It joins the museums of other great Cádiz flamenco and copla museums such as the one that Chipiona dedicates to Rocío Jurado and San Fernando to Camarón de la Isla.

In the case of the Lola Flores Interpretation Center in Jerez, her family, especially her daughters Rosario and Lolita, have been very involved in the project, which pays homage to the legacy of La Faraona through the personal objects on display.

The collection has 200 pieces, including some of Lola Flores’s jewelry and batas de cola, combs, fans, shoes and prizes, among other pieces donated by residents of Jerez, collectors and individuals from all over the world. The family has chosen the Jerez-born jeweler Ignacio Roldán to catalog the approximately 40 jewels by the artist on display; These are unique jewels, both replicas and originals. In addition, the Jerez City Council has launched a website so that anyone who has a memory of La Faraona can donate it to the museum.

The museum space, which includes the annex “Tablao de Lola Flores”, will be complemented by a third area, called “Tabanco de Lola Flores”, which will be used for book presentations, shows and other events. The aim is to preserve the typically Andalusian façade of the building and create a flower-filled outdoor patio that reflects the essence of Jerez. The store and temporary exhibitions are also located in this place.

Hours and purchase of tickets for the Lola Flores Museum

The schedules and tickets to visit the Lola Flores Cultural Center in Jerez can be consulted with a reservation at the Villamarta Theater box office or through Tickentradas. Likewise, it is feasible to buy them at the Lola Flores Cultural Center itself without prior reservation of time, although it is subject to the capacity of the venue.



The province of Cádiz can boast of many other international artists. The town of Chipiona pays homage to one of its illustrious countrywomen, the singer Rocío Jurado, with a museum that allows a journey to the heart of the life and work of one of the most beloved and internationally recognized Spanish artists.

Through the different sections, we will learn how the daughter of a humble shoemaker became a star in just a few years, and how her prestige grew over time until she reached the top.

The interpretation center includes recreated spaces, dresses, photographs, personal objects, awards, multimedia elements and an auditorium to offer an extensive experience on the life and work of the most international artist from Chipón.

Avda. de Granada 37 – 11550 Chipiona (Cádiz)

Telephones: 685 93 51 79 / 685 93 51 88



The triangle of museums dedicated to famous flamenco and copla artists is completed with the Camarón de la Isla Interpretation Center, located in San Fernando, his hometown. The museum reviews the life and artistic work of José Monje Cruz, Camarón, one of the great legends of flamenco.

It is a modern, innovative and highly interactive exhibition space, with a new visual and graphic concept for its contents. Thus, it has technological projection elements, to review -along with personal objects, memories and photographic material- the artistic and personal career of José Monje Cruz, the mythical Camarón de la Isla.

Pl. de Juan Vargas, 11100 San Fernando (Cádiz)

Telephone: 956 17 34 92

WhatsApp: 675 37 72 35

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