Company policy

The HACE Management, aware of the importance of the Quality and Environmental Managing, has agreed on the implantation of a Managing System integrating these strategic areas as stated in ISO 14001 and UNE 182001 patterns.

Since the inauguration of our first Hotel and all through our history, one of our most important objectives has been to give our clients the opportunity to co-operate with the reduction of the possible environmental impacts, and especially with the prevention of the contamination that our activities might provoke.

Because of the importance of the development in the touristic field in our community and the importance of respecting the environmental elements around us, HACE strives to achieve a better grade in its services, to minimize every kind of  environmental impact, and  to improve the efficiency of the Managing System, by means of a Quality and Environmental System.

HACE wishes to improve in every aspect and we commit ourselves to comply with the legal requirements of our activities, products and services, with their respective environmental aspects, as well as with any other requirement the organization voluntarily submits to. We try to achieve the same behavior with all other enterprises working under HACE orders.

Our companies, wanting to direct their management to a steady improvement, cannot ignore the “social conscience” that our environment demands, and this implies a responsibility towards our employees in key areas such as health surveillance and occupational risk prevention, as well as labor integration in appropriate positions of employees who require this because of disability. No less important is employment training, as this fosters an improvement of self-esteem, providing the necessary balance in the performance of their jobs. But one of our priorities is to offer equal opportunities without discrimination of sex, which has caused a growing number of women occupying senior positions in our companies. We cannot forget the children and their special vulnerability all over the world.  Therefore the HACE Group is committed to spread among its staff and clients the need to protect children, denouncing abuses, labor and sexual, should they be detected.

Moreover, our Hotel Group is proud to support and collaborate with institutions and associations that do social work:

1.- Sport activities such as tennis, gymnastics etc., or cultural activities in collaboration with local authorities for the conservation of rooted traditions that enrich the tourist attraction of the area; environmental activities; informing customers of protected species in the environment during a workshop of the Animation Dept., as well as social assistance for disadvantaged groups.

2.-  The local commerce; prioritizing the purchase of local products by our customers and  for the supply of the Hotel itself, because this attitude contributes to sustainable economy of the area and offers visitors a much more attractive  view of the hotels where they are staying – but always ensuring that standards of quality, price, health and safety are guaranteed.

3.-  Employment; prioritizing the hiring of locals, which favors the development of the economy of the town as well as the  family reconciliation, not having to travel long distances to go to work.

The desire to improve our facilities day by day and the kindness of our staff allows us to offer our clients the best accommodation they can find. At HACE we keep growing for all our customers, with the firm idea never to construct “factories to put people in”.  On the contrary, we defend the motto that “the one who does not try to get better, stops being good”.

HACE staff must behave according to this philosophy which will make that our company be recognized by the high quality of the services we offer, always with utter respect for the environmental elements.

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