• History - Hoteles Andaluces con Encanto
  • History - Hoteles Andaluces con Encanto
  • History - Hoteles Andaluces con Encanto



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In 1966 an original and genuine Andalusian hotel was opened in Villa de Rota: the Playa de la Luz. It began with 80 rooms and 2 stars...and a very promising future.

Nobody could have imagined that this Andalusian "cortijo" would become so symbolic in the area and so crucial in helping start and expand the tourist industry in the Province of Cadiz and Costa de la Luz. The Atlantic Ocean witnessed the moment I was hypnotised and enchanted by the local people, the sunset on this beach and with this very hotel. In 1969, on my honeymoon, I decided to stay indefinately, as CEO of the company Hotel Playa de la Luz S.A, and the dream began.

In 1970 the initial contact with the German market was made and the first groups began to arrive. The tour operator Hetzel took a great risk by chartering flights to Seville just to visit this hotel..., but we were worthy of it. The success was so great that a few years later TUI and other Belgian and English tour operators followed suit.

As our policy has also been to offer a professional personalised service, always ensuring the comfort and loyalty of our clients, in 1973 we created the agency Viajes Eurosur which organises airport transfers, excursions and all types of visits and assistance. The hotel was expanded and at the beginning of the 80s we carried out a programme of continuous improvement, resulting in us being awarded our third star in 1983.

In the 90s, the improvements were made to move us into the luxury 4 star category, which we were awarded at the beginning of the new century. The hotel now proudly offers 235 fully equipped rooms ... but the last decade of the 20th century was a crucial time for us...

The area deserved to be better served by quality hotels, with a special dedication to customer service: we want to offer the real Andalusia, with its wonderful cuisine, and above all the warmth and "charm" of a pleasant and genuine greeting from the staff and a warm smile instead of just a rate and a room key.

In 1996 the most majestic and symbolic hotel in Jerez underwent an extensive refurbishment: the Hotel Jerez. We have recently expanded to 129 room with suites of exquisite quality and luxury, heated swimming pool with natural light next to the gardens, gym and saunas. Both hotels are the origin of the group "Hoteles Andaluces Con Encanto" (Andalusian hotels with charm), the dream has come true.

In June 1998 the Hotel Duque de Nájera opened its doors in Villa de Rota, on the seafront in the heart of the town, next to the marina: 92 luxury rooms, meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology, and a young, enthusiastic team truly worthy of the Hace brand, recently award the prestigious Holly Award by TUI, ranking it among one the finest top 100 hotels in the world.

Convinced of the quality and rich variety in the province, and in an especially ambitious and innovative project, we opened the Hotel Guadacorte Park in the Campo de Gibraltar, in October 1999. We have become the venue of choice for major companies, meetings, conferences, as well as banqueting capital of the area. Its 116 rooms are the finest example of our concern for our guests' comfort. Our group now boasts 572 room but we still refuse to build "cookie-cutter" style hotels to squeeze more people in, we put our motto "he who does aim to be better, stops being good" into practice...

We recently unveiled the 5 star Hotel Villa Jerez, a stately home in Jerez with 18 special spaces dedicated to the most select clientele. A few metres from the Plaza del Caballo, and thanks to its ample gardens, it offers complete tranquillity. Only a few minutes from the old town and Jerez airport.

...and we continue, thanks to the daily support of our valued guests and clients.

50 aniversario Hotel Playa de la Luz

Cádiz 2 mares


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